Your organization in one place. Not in your head.

With Softbrick you can track hours, manage your workforce timesheets and payroll. Softbrick also provides you with full visibility and control over your projects. Streamline your workforce management, delivery, reduce the error rate and miscommunication together with Softbrick.

Softbrick HRS

A better way to manage your workforce, clients, time.

Softbrick can offer you a list of services custom tailored for your business needs.

Manage your organization.

Mobile app for your employees.

Get daily time entries from employees. Stay in touch while they are in the field. Get notes. Make comments. Send notifications.

Web based solution for your management needs.

Create and plan projects. Set start and end dates. Assign employees. Track logged effort. Control expenses and profit. Make changes and stay on track by getting notified when a project is at risk. Get a financial overview on a project by project basis. Keep your clients in one place. Assign dedicated employees. Get a financial overview on a client basis.

Client management

Add clients. Assign employees. Track your margin for client. Keep track of what your team earns per employee.

Everything you need to manage your organization. Tailored to your needs.

Softbrick contains multiple tools that you need to manage your organization and workforce with ease. We offer a solution that can be tailored to fit your way of working.

Historic project and time entry data.

Utilize data gathered through projects to analyze and improve the performance of your employees and organization. Identify process improvement areas, training needs for your employees and grow together as a team.

Project tracking.

Keep your projects in one place with clear deadlines, goals, responsible employees. Track all the effort that goes into delivering a project and see directly how it impacts expenses and profit. Identify early risks and potential delayers, act on solving them to stay on track.

Client, team and worker profiles.

Assign managers to your clients, operate with employees, track ongoing projects, add notes and more.

Client invoicing.

Create invoices for your clients while providing them with complete transparency of the work done.

Employees business trips.

Track business trip end dates, stop or send workers for vacation. View business trips history for individual employee and filter between clients or countries.


Notifications about project assignments, calendar events, workers, invoices, projects, and more


Calendar or kanban board style based system for creating tasks for the team.

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