Top 5 tips for effective time management

Regardless of the area and position, you work in at some point you probably experienced struggles with time management. Time management skill is essential for everyone as in a long run it affects our clients, increases over-time cost and lowers our satisfaction with the work we do.

Here are few tips from "Softbrick" that will help you improve time management for yourself and your employees:

1.Planning and goal setting

As managers, team leads, or business owners we should provide clear goals and plans to the entire team, company, both for the short and long term. Make sure all of them are documented with deadlines and are easy to follow, create a to-do list or put them on a calendar.

2.Prioritize work

Makes sure that when goals and tasks are set they are prioritized and everyone is made aware of the priority. Keep the focus on a client and their needs, think about what has to be completed for your client to start using the product with the highest quality and best experience possible. This will enable the team to focus most important tasks and will eliminate most of the minor tasks where time is wasted.

3.Create a shorter feedback loop

Set up your process in such a way where you create a feedback loop with your team in the shortest possible time. Dedicate time for retrospectives and communicate with your team to get insights on possible delayers and improvements.

4.Implement a time tracking solution

It's important to understand how much time your employees are spending on their tasks. Setting up a time tracking solution where you can accurately see where your employees are spending their working time will help to identify potential waste and delayers on individual and team levels. However, make sure this is not done to micromanage, your employees should not feel like they are under a magnifying glass.

5.Balance workload

Very straightforward, but very important. Make sure the workload is balanced as best as possible and all the resources are utilized to the fullest but not overloaded. While having clear tasks and understanding how occupied the team is, you can better balance the workload helping to deliver products to our clients sooner.


These are just 5 out of many tips that can help you to improve time management across all levels of your organization. When it comes to implementing them, there are many ways to do it, like tracking time in physical books and having your employees sign them every time they start work or leave. But that doesn't sound too exciting right? Well, we are ready to provide a modern and easy-to-use digital solution!

At "Softbrick" we have prepared a simple solution that will enable you and your employees to report, track, review, and analyze the time you spend while working on the projects and tasks. Simple and clean mobile application - your employees will report their worked time daily on a simple mobile application. No matter where they are located, mobile device and 2 minutes to log their time. Easy overview of logged hours - we make it easy for management to track logged hours for individual employees and teams, all in one clean-looking webpage. And more ready-to-go features for easier project and time management. Besides, we provide the ability to track costs, manage salaries of your employees and easily monitor earnings based on projects.

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